2010 Robogals Strike Bowling Raffle Results

2010 Robogals Strike Bowling Raffle Results!

1st Prize: Jun Yan - 1 Strike and sing voucher, bowling games and karaoke for 1 hour in a private room for 6 adults ($124)
2nd Prize: Stephanie Vericca, Benjamin Cole, Ash Toth, Robin Campbell, Sze-Min Foong, Myles Lynch - pair of drink cards with 3 free drinks on each card ($40 per pair)
3rd Prize: Lana-Marie Halim, Rob Skillington, Amarpal Pannu, Jennifer Chung, Jonathon Foo,  Benjamin Vongchanh - pair of free bowling games ($32 per pair)
4th Prize: Matt Ward, Natasha Bakshi, Ash Toth, Erik Sugiarto, Marita Cheng, Alex Burton, Robin Campbell, Rocio Vega, Barbara Chung, Henry Archento, Stephanie Dao, Yan-Lin Lee - Buy 1 get 1 free bowling game card ($16 each)

Thank you all for supporting Robogals! Your contribution will help us take a step towards more women taking Science and Engineering Courses.

Posted by Kelly @ 12:41am, 17 August 2010

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